The Reaper Rig is available now

The Reaper Rig is available now

The Reaper Rig will take your fishing to a whole new level. 

It is strong, easy to use, fast to re-bait and incredibly effective when it comes to fishing for pelagic species. 

The Reaper Rig will bring your dead bait such as Pilchards and Slimy Mackerel back to life. The unique design creates a hyper realistic swimming motion that is highly consistent.

It’s most effective operating range is 3-5 knots (6-10 km/h) which makes it ideal for trolling behind kayaks, jet skis and boats. Faster speeds are possible but the longevity of the bait can be compromised as a result.

The Lure Us In team has spent two years developing and testing the Reaper Rig and have used it to catch fish trolling with all three types of water craft.

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